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Every vehicle must be in sufficient technical condition to participate in Rally Georgia 2012. Technical inspection will be done by organizers in Georgia at the start a day before the start.

  • All vehicles (cars/motorcycles/quads) must be road legal and have valid logbooks and plates of the country they are registered in!
  • Every vehicle must be equipped with a rope, first aid pack and necessary tool-pack, cars, purposed four wheel drive vehicles and single posts must be further equipped with a fire extinguisher!
  • Every vehicle must be in suitable condition i.e. have mirrors, working lights, brakes etc.
  • Every vehicle must be in accord with the class it's registered in i.e heavily cars can not compete in class 2 and otherwise.
  • Road tyres are not allowed, every car, motorcycle and quad must have CE off-road tyres. Motorcycles are not allowed to have motocross tyres.