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Important informations (PLEASE READ)




  1. Rally Georgia is open to anyone regardless of race, religion or rally experience.
  2. No participants under 18 are allowed to participate in the Rally Georgia 2012
  3. The drivers do not have to hold the FIA driving licence to participate.
  4. Every driver must hold a standard and international driving licence for the vehicle he competes with.
  5. Every vehicle must have a valid plate of the country it's registered in and be in suitable condition.
  6. Every vehicle must have a valid international insurance (Green Card) - please check with your insurence company if it's valid for Georgia before entering the country!
  7. The registration of the vehicle/moto/quad shall be done under the drivers name. In case it is not registered under the driver's name, the driver must hold an english translation of validated POA (power of attorney)
  8. No visas are required for EU countries to enter and stay for 360 days, other countries can be checked on ministry of foreign affairs:
  9. Every participant must hold a valid passport. The passport must not expire any time earlier than 6 months after the very last day of the rally event.
  10. Every participant should hold a valid travelling insurance.
  11. Every participant is responsible for his own safety and security. Participants must understand the dangers associated with the rally and also understand that they participate at their own risk. Each participant is responsible for the damage they may cause to vehicles, humans, animals or property!
  12. The registration fee is payable in advance by a bank transfer on organizer's bank account.
  13. The registration fee is non-refundable unless the event is cancelled. The registration for the particular category is mandatory and you are not allowed to change it any time later, however once you have signed up and you can't participate in the rally for any reason you may pass your registration to another person. This change is free of any charge and must be reported to organizers in advance.
  14. Registrations are open to first 200 signed teams altogether regardless of choosen category (cars,moto,quads). All registration entries will be finalized after the payment is completed.
  15. Medical and rescue sevice is secured, more info can be found in sections medical care & safety
  16. Informations on accomodation and bivouacs can be found in section accomodation
  17. For those who'd like to take advantage of transporting their vehicles to Georgia and travel by air, we can arrange transportation of all vehicles and cheaper flight tickets. If you enroll, let us know at the end of registration and we'll come back to you. Please note, that at least 20 vehicles/teams must require such service in order to fill the transportation truck. If we dont fulfill this number, no transportation can be made and you'll be informed in advance.


  1. Navigation through entire stages will be made ONLY with help of a route books given by organizers except assistance teams who choose GPS track type of assistance (more info in assistance section) and tourist class , which is navigated through GPS points and won't lead the same route . Route books and GPS points for each stage will be provided every night/morning.
  2. Every vehicle must be equipped with a rope, first aid pack and necessary tool-pack, cars must be further equipped with a fire extinguisher.
  3. All participants must use personal protective equipment such as helmets, gloves and appropriate boots and clothing
  4. Every vehicle must pass 'technical inspection' done by organizers a day before the start of the event to determine if the vehicle corresponds to the class it's registered in and is in suitable conditions i.e. have working lights, brakes etc.
  5. The drivers must respect the rules of public driving while onroad - max. speed 60 KM/H in city, 80 KM/H outside unless sign-posted
  6. The driver is responsible for both - himself and the crew.
  7. Competitors must follow the route on the route book, it is not allowed to go off the track during the race, this incurs in penalty in form of added time. Information regarding penalties, judging and how to read score boards will be explained on first briefing a day before the event or can be found in section regulations
  8. All participants are supposed to follow the instructions given by the Rally Georgia organization team, otherwise they may be disqualified.

The continuous results will be announced daily in the end of every lap. The final results and price awarding (separately for each vehicle-category) will take place in the end of the whole rally at the special final ceremony.