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Organizers will have two cars for recovery, one for motorcycles, one for cars.

vehicle  and driver recovery from the accident point to the next bivouac – free of charge

tow of the vehicle from the incident point to the nearest asfalt – free of charge

Please note! Because we’ll have only two recovery cars, we strongly recommend teams to either choose one of the below professional  services or have their own assistance.



Companies you might consider contacting: – Czech company. They provide complete rally support from repairing to medical help. – Hungarian company. They assist in rally Bamako. Very professional company.

We didn't contact any of the above companies, we do not have contract with them. We can only recommend  them, because we know them. If you don't have your own assistance, we suggest to check them out.



there are three types of assistance to choose from:

on track vehicle – provided with route books
off track vehicle – provided by GPS poinst

in bivouacs only - group of mechanics

When you enroll in with assistance, you must choose between those three. Please note that each team is allowed to have ONLY one assistance vehicle (car, truck, van etc. there is no restriction)! The crew can consist of more people/mechanics, you don't have to pay for them individually to enter the rally, you only pay for one car or whole crew.